Case Studies

Client Type: Event Organisers
Project: Produce lighting pole for the Olympic 2012

The Project & Challenge

We received a call from a design agency that was project managing a special display that was to celebrate the Olympics. They wanted to erect hundreds of long telescopic poles across the entire length of hadrian’s wall from coast to coast and fit large luminous lights on top which would be radio controlled to pass light messages across the country.

They needed a telescopic pole that were east to assemble, could extend to 25 ft and be able to withstand a weight of several Kgs and also cope with the wind speeds that occur in the area.

Our Solution/Actions

We took one of our standard designs and modified the tubes and clamping systems to meet these exacting conditions. We worked with them on the mechanism to attach their light to our poll. We produced several prototypes for them to test.

The Result

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