Height Restricting Traffic Barriers

Extends up to 6 Metres

Position either side of access way

The Height Restricting Traffic Barriers for Overhead Cable Protection were created to fill a gap in the  market for poles that are lightweight, affordable and easily transportable.

The system itself is comprised of two fibreglass telescopic poles which reach any size up to 6 metres when extended. These are poles are non-conductive and should be placed either side of the road of the designated area. The Poles operate by means of a quick release, hand controlled clamping system and all components of the Pole can be maintained and replaced easily should the need arise.

The kit also contains two heavy duty steel bases which weigh 13.5kg each. The bases themselves have drill holes so that they can be easily screwed and secured into the ground without the use of sandbags, if ground conditions commit this procedure. However, sandbags could be used and would always be recommended as extra protection. The bases can be disassembled for ease of transport and storage.

Assembling the Height Restricting Traffic Barriers

· Firstly, assemble the Steel base by ensuring the locking collar is screwed onto the tube to the height of the thread and then screw the thread down onto the base using the locking nut.

· Place the Steel base in position i.e. on one side of the road

NOTE: For best results, ALWAYS weigh down the base with 2 x 20KG sandbags OR use the drill hole to screw the base down
· Once the base is assembled correctly, drop the collapsed telescopic pole into the Vertical Base tube

Once the pole is secured into the Steel base, before the pole is erected, the bunting can be applied to the first goal post

· Next, firstly open the top clamp, extending fully and work your way down from the top until you reach the base.

· Once the first goal post is set up, follow the procedure once more for the second goal post

· Place the second goal post on the other side of the danger area i.e. across the road, on level with the first

· Once set up, your goal posts will prevent any vehicles OVER the permitted height from entering the danger area.

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