The Process

How it works for you

Know what you want?

If you already know what you want then you are probably just checking to see if we are the right company to handle your needs and that we can supply the right lengths, colours, quantities and clamping systems for you, to establish this please see our video vault for examples of case studies and then get in touch direct or via our online specification form so we can run through things with you.

Not sure what you want? Need assistance…

If you are unsure what you need to produce the telescopic pole that you need then we need to chat, our engineers and project managers will establish your objectives and quantities suggest some materials and prices to you and perhaps agree on producing a prototype for you to test before in goes into full production.

Remember we are here to help and guide you because time taken at the early stage in preparation and planning will pay dividends alter and lead to faster, better end result.



  • Establish your needs
  • Offer advice and consultancy
  • Select materials, colours and quantities
  • Submit a quotation
  • When approved and payment received plans/drawing or samples are produced (where necessary)
  • Prototype tested and approved by you
  • Full scale manufacture takes place

We can handle bulk storage, distribution and packaging requirements for you if required.

We look forward to working with you please do not hesitate to contact us

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